Portugal Beach
14 Jun

The travel industry is in Government induced turmoil

There was light at the end of the tunnel. The “traffic light” system that categorised destinations as Green, Amber or Red seemed to make sense. Here was a way that destinations could slowly but surely be brought back online as viable, convenient, holiday hotspots.
14 Sep

Let’s Get Emotional

There are very few other products being sold online that have as much emotional pulling power as a holiday. A vacation is the stuff of dreams, but also of detailed ongoing research and of high capital outlay. For many families, the most they will spend on a single item in a typical year is the purchase of their annual holiday.
05 May

Zooming Up

Did you buy Zoom shares at the start of the Coronavirus crisis? I didn’t, unfortunately. They were hovering around $70 until the end of January then started a steady rise hitting a peak of about $160 on 23 March.
06 Jan

Voice – The New Super Aggregator

With a New Year starting it’s always fun to look ahead at what technology might be bringing us. One of the most exciting tech developments over the last few years has been the rise of voice devices.
25 Sep

Thomas Cook and Butterflies

It’s about two years ago that my Monarch Airlines tickets became worthless when the Monarch Travel Group collapsed. I wasn’t too badly off.
20 Jun

Get the Message

Last week, I chaired TTI’s Customer Engagement Forum. What struck me is how many facets there are to successfully engaging with your customers – past, present and future. The online world is crowded with so many companies fighting for your attention. Cutting through the noise and establishing relationships with consumers has never been more difficult.
Video Killed The Radio Star
29 Jan

Video Killed the Radio Star

Retailers need to sell where the customers are. Wind back quite a few centuries and markets would probably have been the predominant shopping channel. As towns built up, the high street came to dominate as a convenient place to shop. Then came the shopping centres.
The Disloyal Customer
17 Dec

The Disloyal Customer

I was at a conference the other day and, whilst awaiting the first speaker’s presentation, I was chatting with the lady next to me. I am not sure how it came up in conversation, but the subject we started talking about was customer loyalty programmes and their associated loyalty cards.
26 Nov

All Together Now

I quite often give presentations explaining the characteristics of our future consumers – Generations Y and Z. Actually, they are just about all grown up now. Gen Y were born around 1977 to 1995 and are referred to as the Millennials. Generation Z were born roughly from 1996 onwards to 2012. After them comes the current newbies, Generation Alpha.
Multi Modal
28 Oct

Is Multi-Modal the next big thing?

Quite a few years ago (pre-Internet) I was commissioned to carry out a feasibility study for a large telecommunications organisation. The idea was to test the concept of an electronic transport marketplace (ETM) covering the whole of mainland United Kingdom.