Broken Wheel
17 Jan

To buy or not to buy? That is the question

I have helped many travel companies to buy new systems across the years. It is critically important to choose the system that best suits your operation. Choose the wrong system and you are almost guaranteed some serious business disruption.
13 Dec

Is Total Profit Management the Way Forward?

I have frequently said that travel is no more than information at the point of sale. When a customer buys travel it is just information on a computer. It does not yet exist. Interestingly, the appeal of the product can grow or shrink depending on the date it will actually be consumed. A room night in Sydney with a view of the New Year’s Eve celebrations has far more appeal than the same room out of season in August.
Hotel Bonanza
15 Nov

Hotel Bonanza

Hotel Bonanza is trying to break the power of the mega-accommodation intermediaries with a fairer business model that will appeal to both hoteliers and consumers.
Cyber Seat
20 Oct

World Travel Market Tech Events

Once again, I have organised a couple of the technology/digital travel events at World Travel Market this year. I have been doing this for quite a few years. I am one of these people who are quite pedantic about keeping all my electronic files, so I was looking back to see what I had to say in some of my early presentations.
13 Sep

Could Artificial Intelligence Replace the Travel Agent?

I like to think that I am online savvy, so when my wife suggested we have a short break in Iceland, my first thought was to get on the web and book everything we needed.
16 Aug

The Online Con

It was shocking to read about the recent demise of LowCost Travel Group last month. Just take a look at the Administrator’s message on the Group’s website. Under the heading, “Accommodation,” you can read, “In most cases, accommodation in resort has regrettably not been paid and your booking is not secured.”
Trip Planners
18 Jul

The Customer has Arrived

At the beginning of the month I ran the first of my Genesys Happiest Minds Executive Series seminars in partnership with Happiest Minds. The idea is that we will hold regular seminars exploring the most topical and pressing digital transformation issues that are concerning us in today’s travel industry.
14 Jun

The Price is Right

Last week I was moderating Travel Technology Initiative’s Summer Forum that I organised. The subject was Revenue Management. I called the Forum ‘Money for Nothing.’ My thinking was that this is a good title for a revenue management event as the discipline is about conjuring more revenue/profit from an existing, finite inventory.
Sydney Nova Scotia
17 May

Telling the customer where to go

Do you remember the story from 2009 of the flying Dutchman? He was looking forward to visiting his family in Wollongong and Tallong, just South of Sydney. Accompanied by his 15 year old grandson, they departed Amsterdam and after a change of planes at Halifax, finally touched down in Sydney. I guess they might have been surprised at how short the journey was as they had arrived in Sydney, Nova Scotia, not Australia. They had booked flights to the wrong place.
Genesys Dt Logo
11 Apr

Genesys Digital Transformation

I founded Genesys over 21 years ago. Back then, the Internet and the digital world that we know today were simply unheard of. It was 1994. By then there were just around 2750 websites but the web had yet to be adopted commercially. (Today there are over 1 billion sites.)