23 Jul

Getting the Message

The news that Etihad passengers will be able communicate with the airline via WhatsApp got me thinking about my own messaging apps. I use quite a few. On my mobile I have Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Viber and good old SMS. Apart from SMS, they all provide global communication for free.
Airline Loyalty
26 Jun

Is airline loyalty living in the dark ages?

After writing my blog last month about customer relationship management moving on, I have to ask the question: “Are airline loyalty schemes still living in the dark ages?”
28 May

CRM is Moving On

A week or so ago I saw a demonstration of one of the better CRM systems, specifically designed for travel companies. What impressed me is how sophisticated customer relationship management has become.
Smart Tourism
17 Apr

Smart Tourism 2020

One of the seminar sessions I am running at this year’s Arabian Travel Market is called Smart Tourism 2020.
16 Mar

Losing your Voice

I have been doing some research for a presentation that I will be giving next month. I am going to be talking about our future customers – Generation Z.
18 Feb

At last a use for Blockchain

I don’t know about you but I have been to quite a few presentations on blockchain and read plenty of articles on the subject. I now think I understand what blockchain is all about, but no one has proposed an application for the technology within the travel industry that would be properly useful.
Package Holidays
22 Jan

The Package Holiday is Alive and Well

Expedia has carried out a research study in partnership with The Center for Generational Kinetics. The study is called “Generations on the Move - A deep dive into multi-generational travel trends and how their habits will impact the future of the industry.” It is a U.S. centric study, interviewing 1,000 adults age 18 to 65 but I do think that the results have global applicability.
21 Dec

Is the January Feeding Frenzy Coming to an End?

Some interesting news from Hitwise. Part 3 of their Cyber Week 2017 report showed increased travel purchase activity during Black Friday in November. As we all know, January has traditionally been the peak month for leisure travel sales. With the Christmas and New Year festivities out of the way, consumers get down to some serious bargain hunting and start thinking about their Summer holidays. The travel industry is happy to oblige with heavy spending on advertising and promotions driving customers to our websites, telephone lines and stores.
Hotel Reception
20 Nov

Digital Hospitality

At World Travel Market this year, I ran a Summit called Future Digital Thinking. I split this into 2 two hour sessions, the first focusing on the hospitality sector and the second on innovative start-ups. I will write a future blog post on the latter but, for now, I would like to talk about hotels and their opportunity to adopt advanced digital technology.
16 Oct

A Tale of Two Airlines

It wasn’t the best of times, it was the worst of times, it wasn’t the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it wasn’t the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity …. So wrote Charles Dickens (or something very similar).