World Circle
02 Dec

Change is the Only Constant

The world economy is projected to be about 80% larger in 2020 than it was in 2000. World total population will increase from 7 to 8.3 billion people in 2030. Asia, Africa, and Latin America will account for virtually all population growth over the next 20 years. The middle class is expected to reach 5 billion people by 2031, up from 2.1 billion people in 2011. The world is changing. At the Summit, Richard Lewis, CEO Best Western Hotels, distinguished between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives.
Drink Of Coffee
21 May

The Next Big Thing – Nothing?

I am just back from Dubai, having given a talk at the Arabian Travel Market on Latest Technology Trends. One thing I like to do now and then is to take a long view on where technology is heading and I am thinking, in particular, of what I call consumer access technology. This is electronic technology that provides communications and access to information and services.
Omni  Channel  Retailing
16 Apr

Firing on All Channels

A week or two ago Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook, outlined her new strategy for the business. She said that, under the new strategy, British brands will be simplified to “five omni-channel B2C brands.” This struck a chord with me as 12 years ago, in 2001, I organised a conference for Travel Technology Initiative called ‘Firing on all Channels.’
18 Mar

The Connected Generation

Last week I was chairing Travel Technology Initiative’s Spring conference, Let’s Get Personal. It was about social media, personalisation and customer relationship management; all those good things that are so important to be doing well. There were some great presenters. They talked about how to do social media better, working with bloggers, the enormity of the mobile opportunity and so on. You can view the presentations on my website.
20 Jan

Keep Taking the Tablets

Did you see the headline a week or so ago, “The £1bn digital boom?” In 2012 the value of downloads to home computers, smartphones and tablets rose 11.4% to £1.033 billion whilst physical sales of CDs, DVDs and computer games were down 17.6% on the previous year, as HMV and Blockbuster know only too well.